It is an exciting time for the industry as the US makes strides to further support the objectives of the power sector on the continent through:

  • Confirmation of the BUILD Act (Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development)
  • Injection of US$60bln for growing economies
  • Power Africa’s increasing positive presence in countries across the continent



Agenda Topics featured on the PAS 2019 programme:

  • US Policy on Africa
  • US/Africa Ministerial Round Table
  • Gas policies and generation
  • The aliance between IFI and public sector utilities
  • FinTech – increasing efficiency and collections
  • Off-Grid Energy Access

The Powering Africa Summit will again be awash with investors, stakeholders and hopefully announcements, it will also (for those global businesses) be collocated with the 4th Latin America Energy Forum which this year focuses on regional investment structures across the Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.  

Become a Speaker:

Join a panel, host a workshop or participate in a roundtable discussion at the Powering Africa: Summit 2020. Our speakers get the chance to address an audience of over 370 vetted decision-makers and solution providers working in Africa's energy sector. To find out more about the agenda topics and relevant panels for your organisation, contact us at