enerGIS - Renewable resource planning, at your fingertips.

Identifying resource potential for renewable energy development is key for the successful deployment of any project. Through the combination of an array of detailed analyses with custom data interrogation tools, enerGIS provides an in-depth understanding of resource availability alongside existing and future constraints, such as infrastructure and protected areas.

enerGIS allows the user to drill into the attributes of multiple model layers, set data thresholds and change input parameters to generate resource availability heat maps - all in a convenient and intuitive web interface. The International Energy Agency (IAE) has designed a pathway to reach the goal of net-zero CO2 emissions in the energy sector by 2050. As part of this challenge, by 2030, the solar and wind energy capacity added to the system will have to be three times the capacity installed in 2020. This is certainly challenging, but it’s worth noting that many developing countries are still in the infancy stage of leveraging their renewable energy potential.

And here is where enerGIS comes to play: a simple web application that can be suitable for decision makers who want to analyse the potential of a country or territory, an online tool that takes the information out of the technical back rooms and brings it out in a simple, clear way.