Jabo Global


The name Jabo is of African origin meaning “Ja People”.  Jabo Global is an African American women-owned US-based business combining off-grid solar and IoT technology. Jabo leads the African People’s Path to Power from electrification & connectivity to economic development & job creation

Jabo represents the next generation of solar home systems with the most efficient, reliable, and affordable units available on a cost-per-watt basis. These devices power refrigeration, cooking, and multimedia devices, as well as medical clinics and businesses, while expanding telecommunication connectivity. Jabo’s unique IoT capabilities offer web applications for e-learning, e-healthcare and e-commerce, thus creating smart homes and a new ecosystem via Jabo’s technology platform. These devices can form the core of micro-grids, connecting whole communities to sustainable power. 

Jabo’s innovative business model meets 12 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This is achieved by providing affordable electricity and internet connectivity, financial inclusion, and a platform for social impact to include education, healthcare, empowering women, and entrepreneurship.

Jabo goes far beyond providing solar systems to impacting the African communities by:

·     Equipping the People’s Communities

·     Engaging the People’s Youth

·     Exposing the People’s Next Generation of Leaders 

·     Empowering the People’s Entrepreneurs