StorEn Technologies


StorEn Technologies Inc. manufactures a new generation of vanadium flow batteries.  Building upon the demonstrated fundamentals of vanadium flow batteries such as durability and sturdiness, StorEn delivers superior performance at reduced cost.
StorEn’s R&D activities led to PCT patent applications at the World Intellectual Property Organisation in Geneva. Our applications were subsequently extended internationally.
StorEn’s Multigrids™ technology delivers superior electrical efficiency of the stack and a considerable reduction in the size and cost of the power side of the batteries. Improved electrical performance and power density of the stack are achieved via the use of a novel flow field design and proprietary innovative materials in the stack.
StorEn’s, Thermastable™ technology, a geothermal battery design, is particularly suited to off-grid communities in locations with harsh climates, such as Africa. This technology delivers higher round-trip efficiency and reduced cost/kWh and cost/cycle, in addition to a superior resilience in case of natural disaster, vandalism and theft making our batteries ideal also for remote installations, for example for  telecom tower back-up.
StorEn solutions can deliver superior performances at a lower manufacturing cost and TCOs, thus fulfilling market demand for efficient and cost-effective energy storage.