Washington D.C

The Powering Africa: Summit is scheduled to take place from 30 June - 1 July 2021 in Washington D.C*

Washington D.C

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*The safety of our attendees and staff remains our top priority in 2021. 

While EnergyNet expects to be able to deliver a COVID-safe live event in Washington D.C., we are prepared to pivot to an online summit if required to do so. The nature of the summit means that the boardrooms will continue to provide you with a personal, interactive and valuable experience. In the event that the meeting cannot take place live, we will circulate an adapted virtual agenda.

In line with government and local authority guidance, we are implementing extensive measures in response to COVID-19. Some of these are outlined below and will constantly be reviewed in line with current guidelines: 

  In the meantime we strongly recommend you follow your own country’s advice on travel before starting your journey to the Summit.