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Deploying Large Scale Solar & Wind Projects in Africa

17 Mar 2022
Archives Room
Interactive Boardroom
  • What is the role and impact Governments in attracting investment for solar and wind projects in Africa?
  • What is the contribution of up-to-date planning by Governments to the success and role-out of the large-scale projects?
  • Do regulatory frameworks consistently enable widespread deployment of solar and wind?
  • What financing challenges are being seen and how can these be overcome?
Karen Breytenbach, Director - Juniper Consulting, South Africa
Mami Dufie Ofori, Independent Regulatory Consultant - Ghana
Victor Mapani, Managing Director - ZESCO, Zambia
Patrick Bydume, Director - Blackrock, USA
Ric Hallikeri, General Manager, Greencells Group, UAE - Greencells, UAE
Wangari Muchiri, Director: Africa Wind Power - Global Wind Energy Council, Kenya
Tamer Shafik, Vice President, Business Development - Orascom, Egypt