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Powering Africa Summit

5 - 6 March 2024 | Washington DC



Hosted By: 247 Solar: Economic Development Zones Powered By Round-the-Clock Solar

18 Mar 2022
Archives Room
Hosted Boardroom

Emerging economies require growing capacities of reliable power 24 hours a day, not just when the sun shines or the wind blows. And yet sovereign and private financing of baseload fossil fuel power plants to sustain and grow 24/7 power is rapidly disappearing.

Now new clean power generation technologies are rapidly emerging to fill this critical void, and their ability to produce economic and social benefits fair outweigh the benefits of fossil plants.

Their largest economic value will be in their ability to create Solar Economic Development Zones. Unlike fossil plants, EDZs offer highly reliable, clean, 24/7 power in smaller-sized capacities, near the point of use, reducing transmission-related expenses and stabilizing grids. But in addition, EDZs offer highly reliable, clean, 24/7 industrial grade HEAT. Such EDZs attract industries and create 21st century jobs.

Additional country benefits include:

  • Clean baseload power below the country’s current cost of baseload power
  • Up to 40 years of stable and predictable power (and heat) costs
  • Reduced dependence on power from neighboring countries
  • Reduced dependence on imported fossil fuels for power generation
  • Fewer grid outages
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from power generation and industrial steam
  • Baseload power at the highest possible reliability and capacity factors
  • Baseload power built and operated primarily by local citizens
  • Technical education and training of local citizens

Join 247Solar CEO Bruce Anderson and his team for a round-table interactive discussion. The session will:

  • Explore in more detail the concept of Solar Economic Development Zones.
  • Discuss how distributed, round-the-clock, affordable carbon-free power and heat can help governments, utilities, and communities ignite growth, improve lives, and accelerate the clean energy transition across Africa.
  • Discuss barriers and workarounds to those barriers facing the deployment of Solar Economic Development Zones.
Bruce Anderson, CEO - 247Solar, USA
Natalie Givans, Director, Board of Directors - 247Solar, USA