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PAS & LAEF Ministerial Opening Session

16 Mar 2022
Salon L & M
Roundtable Session
The Powering Africa Summit and Latin American Energy Forum 22 begins with a high-level intercontinental ministerial session. Ministers from across both continents will come together to discuss their ambitions, the challenges of a just and equitable energy transition, and their views on the successful mobilising of critical finance.
Andrew M. Herscowitz, Chief Development Officer - United States International Development Finance Corporation, USA
Joseph Nganga, Vice President for Africa - Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet
H.E. Honourable Abe Sylla, Minister of Energy - Ministry of Energy, Hydraulics and Hydrocarbons, Guinea
H.E. Honourable Amb. Dr. Monica Juma, EGH, Cabinet Secretary for Energy - Ministry of Energy, Kenya
H.E. Honourable Aissatou Sophie Gladima, Minister of Petroleum & Energy - Ministry of Petroleum & Energy, Senegal
H.E. Honourable Eng. Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, Minister - Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources, Somalia
H.E. Honourable William Aidoo (MP), Deputy Minister - Ministry of Energy, Ghana
H.E. Honourable Magna Mudyiwa, Hon. Deputy Minister - Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Zimbabwe