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Strengthening Project Preparation to Increase Project Bankability

18 Mar 2022
Salon O & P
Interactive Boardroom
  • How can greater project preparation standards create more, bankable projects and reduce deal timelines?
  • How better incorporation of ESG and Risk Mitigation considerations in project preparations increase project bankability? 
  • What is the role of National Governments, Project Preparation Facilities, and other actors in this process?
Jonathan Berman, MD - Autonomi Capital, South Africa
Mohamed Ali Zerouali, Director of Cooperation & International Development - Masen, Morocco
Heather Lanigan, Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa - USTDA, USA
Keith Martin, Coordinator, Africa Co-Guarantee Platform - AfDB, C'te d'Ivoire
Gwendolyn Andersen, Deputy Partnerships Office Director - Power Africa, USA
Kirtika Challa, Global Head of Power and Infrastructure Advisory - CrossBoundary
Ayman Soliman, CEO - Sovereign Fund of Egypt, Egypt