Dr Teshome Tafesse Beyene

State Minster


Dr Teshome Tafesse served as founding Director-General of PPP Office, before he is appointed as a State Minister of Finance of Ethiopia. He had served in different Universities as researcher and assistant professor of development. He served Jimma University, as Special Advisor of the President and External Relations officer. He also worked as Director of Research and Publications office of Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU), and has published extensively on PPP in Ethiopia. As a successful researcher and academic his PPP research recommendation to his home country, to approve PPP as part of its development strategy, was accepted by government and as a result PPP dedicated policy and legal regime approved and PPP Institution established under his auspices. Perhaps this makes him as one of the successful and lucky researchers in the global academia. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of Scientific Journal African Journal of Leadership and Development (AJOLD) and Research Conference
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