Zeynep Harezi Yılmaz

Chief Commercial Officer


Zeynep Harezi Yılmaz is the Chief Commercial Officer of Karpowership; and is the 3rd generation of the Karadeniz family, the founding family of Karpowership. She started working in the company in 2010, the year the company’s Powerships, floating power plants, began operations. Her involvement with the project started in the Middle East and then expanded to Africa, Asia and Latin America. In her current role as Chief Commercial Officer, she oversees Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Commercial Contract Management and Powership Technical Operations. Currently, Zeynep aims to expand the geographies in which Powerships are utilized. Her goal is to increase access to electricity in the world, by providing economic and fast track, innovative energy solutions. She studied Economics and Philosophy at Hamilton College and received her Master’s from London School of Economics.
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