Yonis Ali guedi



Born on April 22, 1976 in Djibouti, Mr. Yonis Ali Guedi holds a master's degree in Human resources management. After a brief stint in the sector banking and National Education, Mr. Guedi joined in 2000 the Port of Djibouti, main economic lung of the country. And after a little over a decade of very promising career, which saw him climb almost all the levels, he is appointed in 2013 head of the Terminal SERVICE and Support department in the management of Container Terminal of the Port of Djibouti. Polyglot, he also benefited during his long career from several trainings particularly in management, forward management of employment and skills or business English. On April 05, 2017, he entered the government, and became head of the Ministry of Energy. in charge of Natural Resources. A key portfolio of the Djiboutian government which aims to become the first African country to use 100% by 2020 green.
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