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Thank you to Our Sponsors, Speakers & Attendees!

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Washington D.C. 5 - 6 March 2024

The 9th Powering Africa Summit took place in Washington at the Mayflower Hotel, and we were delighted to be co-hosting the summit alongside Power Africa, the headline Summit Sponsor.

The summit brought together Country Host Sun Africa and other market-leading companies with government ministers, utilities, regulators, NGOs and young energy professionals across two days of discussion, deliberation and high-level boardroom sessions exploring the opportunities and challenges faced by Africa's energy sector. These included lowering the cost of debt, navigating the sovereign guarantee impasse, identifying a future finance roadmap, and asking how Africa’s energy sector can finally realize the new climate finance promised for much of the past 10 years.

Vitally, PAS24 aimed to give U.S.-based investors exposure to opportunities presented by African decision-makers and strategists to ensure the continent receives the right level of finance and model of finance to ignite new energy projects.

With senior representation from 15 African countries, the continent sits centre stage, ready to showcase each nation’s potential for investment and growth.

We were thrilled to welcome delegations from organizations such as the IMF, U.S. EXIM, World Bank Group, USAID, and many other market-leading investors.

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  • “PAS24 will provide our organization with the chance to expand our connections with both public and private sectors. Since 2013 we have harnessed the collective resources of 12 U.S. government agencies and over 200 public and private sector partners to end energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, helping to deliver new or improved electricity services to nearly 200 million people across that region,”
    Chris Foley
    Deputy Coordinator, Power Africa
  • “Sun Africa is dedicated to shaping the future of sustainable power in Africa, and the Powering Africa Summit is an important catalyst for transformative discussions on energy innovation and policy on the continent. Sun Africa is constantly looking to strengthen partnerships and drive impactful change as a leader in the industry, so we are very pleased to participate and sponsor this year’s event.”
    Adam Cortese
    CEO, Sun Africa
  • “Over the years, the African Development Bank, a AAA-rated Multi-Lateral Development Bank in Africa, has participated and sponsored the Powering Africa Summit - a platform that the Bank has used to engage with U.S. Government stakeholders, institutional investors, private financiers and developers; and Ministers/Government officials from the Bank’s member countries, on topical issues pertaining to Africa’s energy sector. At PAS 2024, the Bank will use the opportunity to advance dialogue on the unique characteristics underpinning Africa’s Energy Transition to the global stage and display its leadership role in partnering its member countries to develop innovative mechanisms that guarantee Africa’s energy security, whilst also addressing climate change challenges along the journey to achieving net zero”.
    African Development Bank Group
  • "The Powering Africa Summit presents an excellent opportunity for energy project and infrastructure developers, innovative companies, and policymakers to foster relationships that can help advance Africa's energy independence and prosperity. At Marathon Digital Holdings, we develop and deploy advanced technologies that support the energy transition by converting clean, stranded, or otherwise underutilized energy into economic value, all while securing the world's preeminent blockchain ledger. Our mission aligns with Powering Africa Summit's, and we therefore look forward to joining other industry leaders in celebrating the continent's rich energy resources and blooming potential for sustainable energy development."
    Charlie Schumacher
    VP Corporate Communications, Marathon Digital Holdings
  • "Powering Africa Summit serves as a pivotal platform for Power Africa and Prosper Africa’s Clean Tech Energy Network, as it brings together key stakeholders dedicated to advancing clean energy initiatives across the continent. We are committed to leveraging this platform to strengthen private company participation in the clean tech energy sector. To facilitate this, we provide a space in a private meeting room for meaningful dialogues to unfold between African delegations, US Government Agencies, and private U.S. clean tech companies.”






The Powering Africa Summit 2024 (PAS) addressed critical questions, including:

  • Impact of Lowering the Cost of Debt & Alternative Solutions to Sovereign Guarantees

  • Lowering the Cost of Debt & Resolving Sovereign Guarantee Challenges

  • The Future for Development Finance Institutions – Mobilizing Debt Capital for Clean Energy

  • Africa Climate Summit (ACS) and COP28 – Fulfilling Climate Finance Promises for Africa's Energy Sector

  • The Future for Independent Power Producers (IPPs) – Accelerating IPP Projects Across Africa

  • Transmission - Unleashing Africa's Energy Potential


    The summit was a great opportunity to engage with African government officials, global energy leaders, and investors to discuss tackling industry challenges, attract investments, and forge partnerships for energy projects.

    Established in 2015, the event facilitates collaboration between U.S. Government stakeholders, the World Bank Group, institutional investors, private financiers, and technology providers from North America, with ministerial and governmental participants from various African countries.