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Agenda 2024


Hosted by Abt Global: Bridging the Finance Gap for Social Infrastructure

06 Mar 2024

Many communities and public facilities cannot afford the capital expenditures to build or maintain the infrastructure required for access to electricity. Utilities, in turn, struggle to remain creditworthy when expanding the grid at a loss. Donor and development partner funding is limited and often comes with constraints.

  • How can we work together to attract commercial capital beyond grants?
  • How can health care, education, and other social infrastructure facilities keep up with operations and maintenance after initial construction?
  • What place do social equity and sustainability have in valuing or prioritizing investments?

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Chairperson: Jason Ray Hutchison, Senior Director - Clean Energy & Climate Mitigation, Global Development Group, Abt Global
Chairperson: Arun Asok, Global Head - Private Capital & Impact Investing, Abt Global
Eric Reading, Chief Climate Officer - Abt Global
Asha Varghese, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility - Caterpillar Inc.
Richard Schroeder, Director - RESOLVE
Raul Alfaro Pelico, Senior Advisor - Results-Based Financing, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)
Gina Cady, Health Electrification Advisor - Power Africa
Shelley Martin, Senior Manager - , Gender Equity, Disability & Social Inclusion
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