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Agenda 2024


Hosted by Chemonics: Legal, Institutional, Financial and Infrastructure Hurdles for Large-Scale, Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

06 Mar 2024

Boardroom 3 : Senate 

Collaborative boardroom discussions where all participants contribute.

  • A discussion of the legal, institutional, financial, and infrastructure hurdles facing grid-scale renewable energy projects.
  • What pre-conditions do private sector players and finance institutions need to proactively participate?
  • Lessons from Mega Solar and the Mpatamanga hydropower project for regional generation projects in Sub-Saharan African power pools (SAPP, EAPP, WAPP, and CAPP).


Chairperson: Matthew Mendis, MD, Energy - Chemonics
Arshad Mansoor, CEO - EPRI
Michael Hamilton, Senior Director - Associate Practice Lead, Energy
Sebastian Deschler, General Counsel - CrossBoundary
David Riposo, Energy Access Officer - Power Africa
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